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(photo by andrea)

this week: five games you loved to play as a kid…

I am a girl who loved the classics:
on the playground:
1. four square
2. chinese jump rope

at home:
3. uno
4. checkers
5. sorry (SORR-EEEE)

1. Heads Up Seven Up – I never got picked but I loved it so much when the teacher said we were going to play this game.
2. Monopoly
3. High Ho Cherry-O
4. Operation
5. Candy Land

.kick the can (so fun after dark…ah the good ole days)
.volley tennis (in P.E.)
.solitaire (with cards…i was an only child, what can i say?)
.pole position (arcade game..”Prepare to qualify” beep. beep. beep. beeeeeeeeep.)
.and i cheated on number 5 because i saw meridith had heads up seven up…and i LOVED that game! the best game ever played at school!

“Meghan Coffee is a five foot two, eyes of blue, former tomboy who now loves red lipstick, is pessimistically hopeful, feels too much, songer/singwriter with a penchant for old postcards…and chocolate… and Newcastle Brown Ale. (It’s how she maintains that svelte figure).”

I met Meghan thru my husband’s friend and sometimes photographer Zack Arias, whose photos you have often seen here at Not too long ago we bumped into Meghan and Zack at everyone’s favorite place, IKEA, and she mentioned having met Kristen (of music mamas) at a recent show. Kristen had mentioned our site to her and she had been stopping by on occasion. Sooo I asked Meghan if she’d be interested in having us feature her here at music mamas and she agreed to participate.

Now, a few months later, Meghan’s latest cd “Songs to Sail By” (officially released yesterday) is available, and her cd release party is scheduled for tomorrow night, June 18th at Smith’s Olde Bar in Atlanta, GA. “Standing between pop, indie rock and a hint of folkadelica, Meghan Coffee’s visual lyrics and compelling melodies have been described by enthusiasts as, “mesmerizing”, “soulful”, and “electrifying”. Whether it’s the stripped down dynamic girl-and-her-piano show, or the ‘rockstravaganza’ with her Band of Brethren, a live Meghan Coffee performance is not easily forgotten.”~(

Check out Meghan’s music at

There is a new movie coming out staring Luke Wilson called Henry Poole is Here. The myspace page for the movie has a contest for unsigned bands to write the theme song.

Mark Pellington, the director of Henry Poole is Here is also known for directing music videos! To name a few… The Foo Fighter’s “Best of You”, U2’s “One”, Dave Matthews’ “Gravedigger” and Nine Inch Nails’ “We’re in this Together.” There’s no one more passionate about music and film than Mark and he wants to bring that passion to YOUR music in the HENRY POOLE IS HERE Theme Song contest! Submit your original song titled “HENRY POOLE IS HERE” and you could win the chance to record the song in a music video directed by Mark Pellington himself. The winning song will debut on MySpace and be included as bonus material on the Henry Poole is Here DVD. You could also win a chance to perform the winning song live at the Hollywood premiere of the film as well as be given the possibility to meet with executives from Lakeshore Records.”

For more info visit

(photo by andrea)

ok, so we cant use orange neon, but let’s say, “five words that describe your feelings towards the coming presidential election.” sound good?


1. need
2. change
3. in
4. health
5. care

being a diabetic since i was 8 years old, i have always had health insurance issues. now, however, it seems i can barely afford what i need to actually live. literally, my insulin, the stuff that keeps me alive, and all the other stuff that is involved with keeping me alive, is like paying another mortgage. doing music full time doesn’t cover two mortgages. every election i get hopeful that something will change…. hopes are up, yet again.


1. nervous (i always get nervous with the elections…change in general makes me nervous!)
2. none
3. of
4. the
5. above (in other words, can we reshuffle and see some new cards?)




dreading debates…..desiring wisdom…..hopeful



(postcard made by andrea, 2007)

Andrea, my wonderfully creative sister-in-law, is hosting her second annual summertime postcard swap! Last year folks from all over the country and many from overseas joined in the fun and sent homemade postcards around the world. You can read more about it here at her site, hulaseventy, and be sure to leave a comment (at her site) if you are interested in participating.

if you didnt see this, you should have. seriously. you need to see this…

(photo by andrea)

five summer foods/drinks you just couldnt live without…


1. berries: strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries. they’re all in season and I LOVE it.
2. strawberry lemonade, preferably made with fresh strawberries and lemons and lots of ice. oh yeah, and lots of sugar.
3. pasta salads made with vegetables from the farmers market
4. nate’s grilled vegetable and chicken skewers
5. cherry sno-cones


1. anything from the grill…especially nate’s asian inspired kabobs
2. hot dogs
3. we love popsicles and fudgesicles at our house
4. ok, this isnt a food item, but a summer must have for me is paper plates. it’s not summer without them.
5. ice cold WATER! my favorite drink year ’round.


1. watermelon
2. almost anything on the grill…but especially steak
3. homemade ice cream
4. strawberry shortcake made with angel food cake, strawberries and whip cream (from a can)
5. fruity drinks in fun glasses


1. Snow cones from Barnetts Dairyette.
2. Anything from our charcoal grill.
3. PBR while floating on the river.
4. Arizona Diet Green Tea.
5. Vanilla Moon Pies from Oops.

(photo by andrea)


Five things ive been doing this week other than preparing for friday fives:

1. Sunday was spent recovering from massive food poisoning at On the Boarder…the second and last time that place will ever ravage my stomach. (although they do have the best salsa…!)

2. Two hours were spent watching summer’s greatest reality show, “So You Think You Can Dance.”  Another hour or so was spent reminiscing on what i might have been, what could have been, and how i love dance in general.

3. Three hours were spent watching the final three hours of “LOST” until 2009 (sniffle, sniffle) and another hour or two was spent scouring the internet for any and all explanations to what I had witnessed.

4.  A huge chunk of time was spent with various friends thruout the week, and a small, teensy weensy bit of time was spent bickering with my husband (who is also a friend and is included in the huge chunk of time that was fun. too.)

5. Include a tremendously exasperating trip to walmart with both girls, several nights of cutting raw chicken for the grill followed by furious sanitization rituals in the kitchen out of fear of more food poisoning, and successfully mediating various shoving matches, fits, and whines of “MOOOMMM, SHE….”, and that was my week!