how did this website come to be? like any good story this one is a complicated, beautiful mess. one day meridith stumbled upon andrea’s husband’s blog, wardomatic, and found a link to his sister in law kendra’s blog and while reading it realized that it was the wife of the dj for mars ill, a band she had toured with when she was a road manager. meridith showed the blog to her best friend elizabeth who loved it. through comments back and forth it was soon realized they were connected because elizabeth’s husband used to work for Gotee records, the label that put out 2 mars ill records.

shortly afterward the two found andrea who was connected through her brother the dj (kendra’s husband) and then joy’s blog through kendra’s blog and then another discovery was made that joy’s husband, dj allstar was connected through the hip hop world and had even dj’d a party meridith and elizabeth went to long ago. then elizabeth found her old friend jo’s blog and brought her in the mix and since she worked for a record label in nashville somehow her paths had crossed with other people that they all knew. kendra and kristen were friends because their husbands (the listener and dj dust) were great friends and music collaborators and kendra introduced kristen to everyone and there were more musical connections uncovered.

some of the women had known each other for years and were even best friends (and 2 are even related) and some of them had been unknowingly connected for years through their husband’s music. reading each other’s blogs these women felt like they had met long lost friends and realizing that they had real world connections to each other made it even sweeter. the love of music brings them all together because through various twists and turns these women are all involved in music either through a life long love affair with music or by literally marrying it (or maybe both). in 2007 kendra came up with an idea to bring the ladies one step closer. maybe these randomly connected women aren’t so random after all. maybe they were connected for a reason. so she brought them all together through this blog to share their stories….the ups and downs of life on the road, the feasts and famines, the friendships, and the explosion of love for music itself.

Meet the music mamas:

fun Kendra~Born and raised in the Northwest and currently living outside of Atlanta, GA. She’s been married 10 years to DJ/hip-hop producer Dust of Mars ILL and Deepspace 5. Originally she toured with the group around the country and overseas selling merch for them and booking, but now she stays home with their two girls Lux 4 and Zaine 1, and runs the Mars ILL store. “Music is our only work so we have experienced all of the highs and lows that come with that. I hope to share some of that experience with you on this site.”

zabs Zabs~31 years old, born and raised midwest, walked unexpectedly into the music industry at the age of 25 when she found herself developing band merchandise. Not long after she started dating her future husband, Jeff (JJ) who at the time directed the label at Gotee Records. Zabs and Jeff now have 2 precious boys, Owen (3) and Lukas (1) and run music management company, Covert Management from their midwest home. In addition to designing blogs and print items, Zabs also posts actively at Mommy Zabs,, and newly, Gazelle Creative.

dscf0477.JPGMeridith~Meridith lives in an apartment overlooking the Columbus, OH skyline with her husband Nathan Smart of IndieBlockedappella and After spending many years of working in the music business she’s enjoying life as a newlywed, going to her husband’s comedy shows, cooking, writing and eagerly looking forward to the next chapter of life whatever that may be.

k10pic.jpgKristen~Kristen was born on her dad’s birthday, August 22, 1978. She has been married for over 6 years to Dan Smith (Listener), and they have two amazing children, their dogs, Sharley and Thor. She live in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, where they make music their full time jobs. Kristen plays bass guitar for Listener Project, and tours more than she is at home. Previous to touring, she finished her masters in counseling, worked for a mental health clinic, started a roller derby league, and skated 10+ hours a week. “I am so blessed to be able to go on the road with Dan now. I’m having a blast.”

joyJoy~Joy Madison is the wife of Jon Madison aka DJ Allstar, co-owner of Illect Records and the mom of Jaylie (8) Jaden (5) and Journey (2.) They live outside of Seattle in the beautiful green Pacific Northwest of our country. She has spent many hours attending, manning a merch table and herding children (young and young at heart) at hip hop events from Chicago to Nashville to Seattle. The days of manning tables seem to be over but the herding children never ceases. Her oldest daughter was born completely at home in the middle of a mosh pit, and is now attending concerts with her dad as a fan. Her middle child is a natural break dancer, and her youngest has perfect pitch at age 2. Needless to say the family is still ensconced in music, as fans and as artists. She is excited to see where being a Music Mama takes her.

andrea.jpgAndrea~ She is newly transported from the Southeast (Atlanta, Georgia) to the Northwest (Portland, Oregon) where she lives with her husband Ward and two kids, Ava and Ezra. Born and raised in the midwest but put down serious roots in the south when she moved to Atlanta in 1991 to work/dance with Moving In the Spirit, a non-profit company devoted to bringing dance to inner-city youth. In the 16 years she lived in Atlanta, she married her true love (yes, that would be Ward), graduated cum laude from Georgia State University with a degree in dance education, started a family and continued to teach/choreograph/perform/direct for Moving In the Spirit. She and her family are working hard to carve out a new life in the great Northwest and yeah, she thinks the city of Portland really rocks. But deep down, she will always be an Atlanta/east coast kind of girl. Currently happily consumed with: the whole motherhood gig, dance, music, writing, teaching creative movement, making art (mixed media collage) and photography. Also, she thinks these bio things are really hard to write.