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Once there was an idea in my head to create a website that featured all the people and all the things i love about music.  I invited 6 or so of my friends and we embarked on a journey that was meant to last…well…maybe not a lifetime but a long time.  We started out strong, and found a steady pace like runners in a marathon.  Each of us had blogged before so the road seemed easy enough.  About a month or two in we found our rhythm and mile after mile, (or in our case month after month) began to float by with each of us contributing at a comfortable pace.

Then one runner got a cramp and another, well, was already running one race and found it impossible to be in two places at once.  Yet another bowed out gracefully admitting running just wasnt her thing anymore, and still another, well, she tried to keep up the best she could but in the end didnt make it to the finish.

I love these gals.  They are all wonderfully unique, and talented, and inspiring.  I know that none of us knew what to expect jumping into this and I love and admire every effort they made to keep things alive here at our little site.  But without the wonderfully unique, and talented, and inspiring friends running beside me I am having a heck of a time completing the race on my own.

ok, enough of the race analogies. Hopefully you get my point.  I love this site, love everyone involved, but i just cant do it alone.  so i am pondering my options and hoping to find a solution that suits me and keeps this place alive.

so with that, i leave you for now with one of my favorite songs ever and forever and hope you love it too.  It reveals a bit of the state of my heart with all that is going on in this world and all that is happening personally in my life and the lives of some of my dearest friends.

From the film “Once,” Falling Slowly