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well friends, i’ve been a bit absent from the site, as have the other music mamas.  let’s just chalk it up to a touch of summer madness.  so far this summer mamas have moved, had babies, changed career directions, stayed at home ALL SUMMER with mostly lovely but sometimes exhausting children, and vacationed.  speaking of vacations, im heading to see my family for a few weeks before the school year begins again, so we are going on hiatus until the first week of august.  promise to be back with fresh new perspectives on music and this world we live in.  until then, enjoy some steve miller band: jet airliner


hope you all had a great 4th of July holiday weekend!  we had family in town, which has become my excuse for a lot of things including my absence from the site.  no friday fives. no special somethings. just that same post up there for days.

but not today!  it’s a brand new day and things are happening around here!  Enjoy a little Robert Randolph and the Family Band…

SXSW 2008 performance.  This song is like sunshine on a cloudy day to me, even though the title of it is something like “Alone On a Bicycle Built for Two.”  Each time i hear the group i like them even more.  Happy Tuesday!