(photo by andrea)

five things you want to change about you….


1. lose weight and keep it off (get into a routine with exercise and healthy eating)
2. stop worrying so much
3. organize life and slow down and relax more
4. show love and grace more to others
5. express creativity (writing, painting, photography, cooking, acting, etc)


I want to be debt free.
I want to not care so much about numbers on a scale.
I want the house to be completely painted.
I want to change the healthcare system so that it benefits me.
I want to enjoy my next 7 years of marriage even more than the first 7.


my need to please others/worrying what people think about me.
i want to know God and live to please him first.
i need to eat healthier and provide healthier food for my family.
i want to live each day given me to the fullest.
i want to be satisfied with my life just the way it is, but still be eager enough to try new things and expand my knowledge.