(photo by andrea)

this week: five games you loved to play as a kid…

I am a girl who loved the classics:
on the playground:
1. four square
2. chinese jump rope

at home:
3. uno
4. checkers
5. sorry (SORR-EEEE)

1. Heads Up Seven Up – I never got picked but I loved it so much when the teacher said we were going to play this game.
2. Monopoly
3. High Ho Cherry-O
4. Operation
5. Candy Land

.kick the can (so fun after dark…ah the good ole days)
.volley tennis (in P.E.)
.solitaire (with cards…i was an only child, what can i say?)
.pole position (arcade game..”Prepare to qualify” beep. beep. beep. beeeeeeeeep.)
.and i cheated on number 5 because i saw meridith had heads up seven up…and i LOVED that game! the best game ever played at school!