(photo by andrea)


Five things ive been doing this week other than preparing for friday fives:

1. Sunday was spent recovering from massive food poisoning at On the Boarder…the second and last time that place will ever ravage my stomach. (although they do have the best salsa…!)

2. Two hours were spent watching summer’s greatest reality show, “So You Think You Can Dance.”  Another hour or so was spent reminiscing on what i might have been, what could have been, and how i love dance in general.

3. Three hours were spent watching the final three hours of “LOST” until 2009 (sniffle, sniffle) and another hour or two was spent scouring the internet for any and all explanations to what I had witnessed.

4.  A huge chunk of time was spent with various friends thruout the week, and a small, teensy weensy bit of time was spent bickering with my husband (who is also a friend and is included in the huge chunk of time that was fun. too.)

5. Include a tremendously exasperating trip to walmart with both girls, several nights of cutting raw chicken for the grill followed by furious sanitization rituals in the kitchen out of fear of more food poisoning, and successfully mediating various shoving matches, fits, and whines of “MOOOMMM, SHE….”, and that was my week!