(photo by andrea)

so, if you could have any five super powers, what would they be?


1- definitely flying
2-breathing underwater…I always dream I can breathe underwater
3-ability to jump to anywhere I wanted to be in the world…no more driving endless hours.
4-ability to eat whatever I want to without gaining weight!
5-hmmmm, maybe invisibility.


1. flying – go anywhere in the world, whenever you want
2. the ability to eat anything and always stay thin and never gain weight
3. the ability to snap my fingers or wiggle my nose and make things happen, like samantha
4. super human strength
5. super human healing powers to heal myself or others

i don’t think i’d ever want xray vision or mind reading, sometimes what you don’t know can’t hurt you! 🙂


1. i would like to blink my eyes and have a clean house.

2. i would like to touch my finger to a part of my body (or anyone’s for that matter) and slowly erase any signs of cellulite from the face of the earth.

3. i would like to snap and provide clean drinking water and nutritious food to anyone who needs it. (a clap could feed a whole country.)

4. I would like to have a heart of gold that did kind and lovely things to anyone I encountered, even the irritated check out lady.

5. I would like to double my bank account any time i sneezed…but not at the expense of others. And the doubled portion would always go to a worthwhile cause…


1. Ability to fly… For sure! I love heights.
2. Invisibility. Everyone wants to disapear sometimes.
3. Throw fire… Because that’s just cool.
4. Read minds. This might not be the best thing, but would be interesting at first.
5. Shape-shift. Fun stuff.