that beautiful picture posted below is the center of a sunflower. having never really focused on the center of one before, i found it a bit awe inspiring! so, in light of that new discovery, we have decided to call this batch of friday fives,

“if you werent what you are, what would you be?”


Hmmm…..this could go in a couple of directions so how about this. Here are some things I thought I might be when I grew up….

1. Artist
2. Actress
3: Advertising Agency/Glamorous Career Woman like Angela Bower on “Who’s the Boss” juggling work and home with style, grace and a touch of blonde.
4. Chef with my own cooking show
5. Mommy

1. some sort of sorter or organizer. i love to make piles and put things away (like laundry…yes.)
2. an assistant to someone famous. ive always had my heart on this one.
3. a writer, having started numerous projects that have never been finished.
4. a problem solver. not like math, but i like to figure things out (thus the infatuation with LOST!)
5. a dancer, my passion that has been put on hold for a time but i hope to rekindle the fire in only a short while.

1. a singer
2. a visionary
3. a real life artist
4. a cafe owner
5. a farmer