(photo by andrea)

..five reminders of spring around your home that you are really diggin’:


1. being able to open the windows and let fresh air in
2. flowers, flowers everywhere!
3. the ability to choose to walk somewhere over driving
4. goodbye heavy coats, hello flip flops!
5. green leaves on trees!


1. The cover is off of my scooter, and it’s ready to ride.
2. The house has been cleaned out, and the storage is full of things ready for our yard sale.
3. The dog’s supply of Frontline is stocked and ready to do its job for the season.
4. Various suntan lotions are out and begging to be used.
5. My new portable turntable is excited about entertaining us on our amazing back porch.


1. The sun is shining into my house and coaxing me to clean it:)
2. The tulip festival http://www.tulipfestival.org/ is in full swing. We plan to go soon.
3. We went wading a few weeks ago, on the first day of flip flop weather. Boy was the water cold!!!
4. The back door is standing open today to let in the fresh air.
5. I’m making summer plans. It must be spring.


1. we’ve planted sunflowers and they are popping up all over the place!
2. spring in atlanta is gorgeous with low humidity and beautiful days nice enough to open the windows.
3. flip-flops and sandals are back in.
4. the thick green pollen has come in all its fury and been washed away by rain.
5. ive gone ahead and got my summer highlights ahead of schedule!


there are no traces of spring around here. none. nada. NOTHING. just cold and rain and blustery wind. I repeat: cold, rain, and blustery wind. I’m going to try very hard to find five hints of spring. it’s not going to be easy:

1. I am wearing dr. scholl’s sandals twice a week now. sort of the ‘if you build it, they will come’ mentality. um, not really working.
2. once a week, the sun comes out. for about five minutes. which is better than nothing and can only mean that spring is on it’s way. hoping for something more like ten minutes a week.
3. we are wearing two layers of clothing instead of three.
4. tulips and daffodils are blooming. despite the freezing cold temperatures and occasional hail storms.
5. that’s it. I’m tapped.