(indie folk group, She & Him)

one artist you should be listening to and five reasons why:


She & Him

1. Featuring “indie folkie” M. Ward and actress Zooey Deschanel (remember her from Elf?) the sound has been compared to great 70’s AM Radio with throwbacks to Dusty Springfield and Linda Rondstandt.
2. There’s something very nostalgic, warm and soothing about Zooey Deschanel’s voice.
3. Even though there’s a bit of a twang here and there and it’s not even enough to turn off even my distaste for country music, folk music and the like.
4. Their first album, “Volume One” is a great soundtrack for Spring leading into Summer.
5. I like it and you might too.


Pigeon John
1. His enthusiasm is electric.
2. His songs make you dance.
3. His songs make you laugh.
4. He’s a fool (the good kind)
5. Every once in awhile he pulls out these amazing pearls of wisdom about Jesus.

I *heart* Pigeon John.


1. Intelligent lyrics
2. Unique sound
3. Artistic delivery
4. Addictive production
5. Genuine music