(photo by: andrea)

how will you spend your weekend???


1. buying a little teeny tiny easter basket of treats for someone special
2. celebrate my mother in law’s birthday tonight with cuban cuisine!
3. flying to florida tomorrow – i love to fly! i love the airport, planes and the whole experience.
4. being on vacation and enjoying every second of the sunshine, ocean, seafood and friends. soaking in every detail.
5. spending some time reflecting on the wonder of the resurrection and the love, mercy and grace of our saviour


cleaning the house
bathing the children
going to church
organizing the closet


entertaining the in-laws
attending the Good Friday Walk Thru
making a trip to Mall of Georgia
eating out somewhere special
celebrating the Lord!


1. Friday play a show in Tulsa
2. Saturday make dinner for friends who are visiting
3. Sunday go to church with family
4. Go to lunch at parents house after church
5. Leave for tour after lunch with family


1. eating a turkey
2. watching the kids do an Easter Egg Hunt
3. finishing up a bunch of scrapbooking assignments
4. missing my family
5. celebrating my Saviors resurrection


boiling eggs
coloring eggs
hiding eggs
eating eggs
smashing eggs

but most importantly, I’ll be celebrating the resurrection.