(photo: Zach Arias)

1. I was a huge fan of NKOTB in middle school including having a pillowcase and HUGE banner.
2. I know the most random Beach Boys facts.
3. I like Soul Decision.
4. I used to take swing dance lessons and go dancing every Saturday night.
5. I used to go country line dancing on wednesday nights.

1. I never played an instrument until I was 28.
2. Classical music irritates me.
3. In college I loved Matchbox 20.
4. Since college I have come to believe that no band with numbers in their name is any good.
5. Reggae music sucks.

1. I got to go backstage and meet Heart when I was in the 7th grade. I felt so cool. Nancy Wilson was really sweet, Ann was quiet.
2. I love to make up silly songs and sing them outloud in the car, or pretty much anywhere where I am alone or with my husband.
3. I do not like folk music. At all.
4. I can play a whole song without failing on Guitar Hero. I prefer playing bass or singing to the drums or guitar. I’m not claiming to be good, I am just saying I can get through a song.
5. There is usually a song playing in my head.

1. I am secretly a Carrie Underwood fan.
2. I still have the black biker jacket with zippers that I purchased in Seattle in ’91.
3. I’ve never been a fan of the saxophone.
4. As a kid I prayed that one day I would be singing on “Kids Incorporated.”
5. Im embarrassed to say that while Ive enjoyed their music I didnt get the whole Rolling Stone’s “mouth” logo on t-shirts until this year. Yes, really.