five things i am TOTALLY procrastinating about doing right now…

1. organizing my wedding photos and making photo books
2. starting my diet and exercise plan
3. writing more on my blogs (including this one! i’m sorry!!) and working on my new site
4. organizing and downloading all my digital photos
5. organizing my bedroom closet

cleaning the house for the “party of the century” this Saturday
photo albums…i am about two years behind
calling our health insurance about their “new rates” for the year
mopping the kitchen floor
it’s gone from procrastinating to complete denial that i need to be engaging in some form of exercise.

Making a dentist appointment
Putting in a load of laundry
Cleaning my art studio
Putting away the too small clothes in my daughters room
Scheduling and starting a realistic excercize routine

visit to the dentist
visit to the gynecologist
organization of the attic
organization of the basement

1. Taking my national counseling exam.
2. Working on music for our new album.
3. Looking for a job while we take a break from touring.
4. Taking the adoption classes we need in order to adopt through DHS.
5. Writing in general for my various blogs (including Music Mamas).