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(photo by andrea)

1. how old were you when you first heard Madonna’s “Lucky Star”?
I was 9 when the video was released…I probably heard it in 5th or 6th grade, I was behind the times.

2. name one song you have sung karaoke:
hmmmm, never sung Karaoke, I’m not fun:)

3. What grade were you in when “Pour Some Sugar on Me” was a hit?
I remember going to the carnival, you know the ones in mall parking lots? We went on that ride that glues you to the wall over and over. They playing Pour Some Sugar on Me VERY loudly. I was in 7th grade.

4. Can you sing the entire Mr. Rogers theme song?
Of course:)

5. Which version of “Hard Knock Life” are you more familiar with, “Annie” or “Jay-Z”?
I love them both, but Jay-Z does knock it out of the park:)

1. Not sure, 4th grade?
2. It’s My Party
3. MAYBE middle school
4. yes
5. Annie

1. how old were you when you first heard Madonna’s “Lucky Star”?
10 or 11, and I loved it. My friend and I used to dance around the
house singing it.

2. name one song you have sung karaoke:
“Save The Best For Last” by Denise Williams, I’m a sucker for a sappy song

3. What grade were you in when “Pour Some Sugar on Me” was a hit?
8th or 9th grade

4. Can you sing the entire Mr. Rogers theme song?
oh yes, i loved that show so much

5. Which version of “Hard Knock Life” are you more familiar with,”Annie” or “Jay-Z”?
i like them both for different reasons and as much as i want my answer to be the Jay-Z version…..I gotta be honest and say the Annie version. Oh, how I loved Annie.

1. I was 11 and I think I saw the “Lucky Star” video on Mtv.
2. I have only sung two songs karaoke: “Love Shack” and “Are You Gonna Go My Way.”
3. 10th grade, I remember we were using songs from the Hysteria album during Flag Team practice
4. I loved Mr. Rogers. Yes.
5. I always think of “Annie” when I hear the song.

1. I was 9 years old when I first heard Madonna’s “Lucky Star”. I was
at a slumber party, we played “Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board”,
danced in the driveway to Madonna, and stayed up incredibly late
compared to what I was allowed. At the time, my parents didn’t allow me
to listen to “non-Christian” music, so listening to Madonna was quite
the rebellion on my part.

2. A song that I have sang karaoke is, “What’s Up” by Four Non Blondes.
And I said, hey yay yay, what’s going on.

3. I was in the fourth grade when “Pour Some Sugar on Me” was a hit. I
was also 29 years old when it was a hit… It’s still a hit in my book.

4. It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a
neighbor… I do know all the lyrics to this song. I was forced to
watch Mr. Rogers all the time because it was my little sister’s favorite
show. She had a crush on Mr. Rogers and wanted to marry him. Weird.

5. I am definitely more familiar with the “Annie” version of “It’s a
Hard Knock Life”. That was my favorite scene in the movie, and I
absolutely love that song. At least Jay-Z used kid’s voices for his
version. Sort of cool.



(photo by andrea) 

this little song…Mat Kearney, “Undeniable”


(photo by: andrea)

how will you spend your weekend???


1. buying a little teeny tiny easter basket of treats for someone special
2. celebrate my mother in law’s birthday tonight with cuban cuisine!
3. flying to florida tomorrow – i love to fly! i love the airport, planes and the whole experience.
4. being on vacation and enjoying every second of the sunshine, ocean, seafood and friends. soaking in every detail.
5. spending some time reflecting on the wonder of the resurrection and the love, mercy and grace of our saviour


cleaning the house
bathing the children
going to church
organizing the closet


entertaining the in-laws
attending the Good Friday Walk Thru
making a trip to Mall of Georgia
eating out somewhere special
celebrating the Lord!


1. Friday play a show in Tulsa
2. Saturday make dinner for friends who are visiting
3. Sunday go to church with family
4. Go to lunch at parents house after church
5. Leave for tour after lunch with family


1. eating a turkey
2. watching the kids do an Easter Egg Hunt
3. finishing up a bunch of scrapbooking assignments
4. missing my family
5. celebrating my Saviors resurrection


boiling eggs
coloring eggs
hiding eggs
eating eggs
smashing eggs

but most importantly, I’ll be celebrating the resurrection.


hi friends, happy wednesday! in case you were wondering, this fantastic photo and just about every other photo featured here at musicmamas was taken by andrea. you can view more of her inspiration at

One of my favorite performances of all time, Gnarls Barkley, “Crazy” Mtv music awards 2006.


(photo: Zach Arias)

1. I was a huge fan of NKOTB in middle school including having a pillowcase and HUGE banner.
2. I know the most random Beach Boys facts.
3. I like Soul Decision.
4. I used to take swing dance lessons and go dancing every Saturday night.
5. I used to go country line dancing on wednesday nights.

1. I never played an instrument until I was 28.
2. Classical music irritates me.
3. In college I loved Matchbox 20.
4. Since college I have come to believe that no band with numbers in their name is any good.
5. Reggae music sucks.

1. I got to go backstage and meet Heart when I was in the 7th grade. I felt so cool. Nancy Wilson was really sweet, Ann was quiet.
2. I love to make up silly songs and sing them outloud in the car, or pretty much anywhere where I am alone or with my husband.
3. I do not like folk music. At all.
4. I can play a whole song without failing on Guitar Hero. I prefer playing bass or singing to the drums or guitar. I’m not claiming to be good, I am just saying I can get through a song.
5. There is usually a song playing in my head.

1. I am secretly a Carrie Underwood fan.
2. I still have the black biker jacket with zippers that I purchased in Seattle in ’91.
3. I’ve never been a fan of the saxophone.
4. As a kid I prayed that one day I would be singing on “Kids Incorporated.”
5. Im embarrassed to say that while Ive enjoyed their music I didnt get the whole Rolling Stone’s “mouth” logo on t-shirts until this year. Yes, really.


(photo: andrea) 


so my friend nick has a pretty cool music swap going on. every year he gets some friends together to come up with a mix of their best songs of the year. it had to be songs that were acquired in that year, not necessarily released. everyone has to burn the songs on cd’s for everyone in the group and design a cover then everyone swaps. this year everyone got 10 cd’s. my husband nathan was asked to join in and this is his cover design and song list, in my book his mix was the best. i think this is a great idea for a swap, did anyone else out there do anything like this?



five things i am TOTALLY procrastinating about doing right now…

1. organizing my wedding photos and making photo books
2. starting my diet and exercise plan
3. writing more on my blogs (including this one! i’m sorry!!) and working on my new site
4. organizing and downloading all my digital photos
5. organizing my bedroom closet

cleaning the house for the “party of the century” this Saturday
photo albums…i am about two years behind
calling our health insurance about their “new rates” for the year
mopping the kitchen floor
it’s gone from procrastinating to complete denial that i need to be engaging in some form of exercise.

Making a dentist appointment
Putting in a load of laundry
Cleaning my art studio
Putting away the too small clothes in my daughters room
Scheduling and starting a realistic excercize routine

visit to the dentist
visit to the gynecologist
organization of the attic
organization of the basement

1. Taking my national counseling exam.
2. Working on music for our new album.
3. Looking for a job while we take a break from touring.
4. Taking the adoption classes we need in order to adopt through DHS.
5. Writing in general for my various blogs (including Music Mamas).