This is difficult for me to say. I mean TOUGH for me to confess. There are two other concerts that i left off of my big friday fives post, for good reason. What can I say? I was a 16 year old whose uncle was trying to make the move to California a little better for me. He got me tickets to the hottest show playing at the Universal Amphitheatre. At least that’s my excuse for my first time seeing them live. The second show was all me. I take full responsibility for begging my mom, buying the tickets, driving myself and a friend to the show, and pretending to be too cool to scream at the top of my lungs for my favorite guy, Donny.

That’s right, NKOTB, (otherwise known as New Kids On the Block) are reportedly planning a reunion tour this summer sans a member or two. Several different sites are reporting that the group will be announcing their plans in the next week or so, but apparently someone forgot to tell Danny Wood, one of the founding five. On Jan. 28th he reported on his blog that there are “no plans whatsoever to reunite.” And with Donny Wahlberg a respectable supporting actor these days, Im guessing that leaves the touring to Joey, Jordan, and Jon….

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