Mars ILL (photo Zach Arias) 

The concert experience is something we never forget. Seeing our favorite artists on stage live, right before our eyes, playing our favorite songs with a crowd of 10 to 10,000 singing along is like nothing else. Making memories with friends that will last a lifetime. This week we share our 5 greatest concerts, or, 5 concerts we’ve attended (that might not have been so great.)

Rick Springfield~ Yes, this was a great concert for me because it was my first, and my parents surprised me (i was in 6th grade?) and said we were going to visit friends in Yakima, WA and go to the fair. When we arrived and got in the long line to enter the stadium seating they broke the news to me. I was THRILLED! I sang along to every song…but he never sang Jesse’s Girl. As the concert ended and he left the stage I was shocked. How could he not sing Jesse’s Girl?? Then everyone started clapping and yelling for Rick to come back out and do “ONE MORE SONG” and he did. And it was Jesse’s Girl. And it was the best encore ever.

Cinderella w/Bullet Boys and Winger~ Was not a big fan of the opening acts…really didnt like Winger. But this was my first concert on my own in high school with just friends, and it was amazing. My boyfriend was there too, so that meant I had shoulders to sit on (remember, I was a total Rocker chick so sitting on shoulders at a Rock concert was very important.) Ahhh, the memories.

Guns-n-Roses~ cant remember the opening acts. My best friend and i drove 5 hours to stay in a hotel outside of Seattle during our Senior year to go to this concert (where were our parents???) Unfortunately we got in a fight while primping before the show, and were mad at eachother during the entire concert. It was just before Use Your Illusion 1 & 2 were released and the audience was shocked to see Axel sit down at a piano and begin playing what we would later recognize as November Rain. That was awesome.

Mars ILL w/Bigg Jus, Binkis Recs, and D.R.E.S. the Beatnik~ This was the release party for Backbreakanomics, their first album released on a label, and it was the best time. Nate was so honored to be on stage with Bigg Jus, who had allowed them to record the album at his studio and had been a guest MC on the album. He has said that was one of the highlights of his musical career. It was definitely a highlight of my life in music with him.

Lalapalooza 1992, Beastie Boys 2000, and others~I could list a lot of other Rock concerts but I think the ones that I remember the most are the ones that were meant to happen but didnt. I bought tickets for Lalapalooza for myself and 4 friends (on my credit card) hoping to see Red Hot Chili Peppers but then ended up moving…and never getting paid back for the tickets. Big lesson learned there! And Nate and I were going to see Beastie Boys together here in Atlanta in 2000 but a week before the show it was canceled.

5 concerts i have been to:
1. Brian Wilson -Petsounds
2. The Cure
3. The Cranberries
4. Sunny Day Real Estate
5. Moby

5 of my all time favorite concerts
the beastie boys
i saw them in detroit on their last tour, it almost didn’t happen but my friend mitch went with me even though other friends bailed on me.
it was so much fun, mix master mike killed it, i loved every minute)

jurassic five
two dj’s on stage, so much energy, such a fun hip hop show

we saw them crowded into a space so small they couldn’t do their full show….it was amazing. choreographed, sensational, amazing. check
them out.

the polyphonic spree
confetti guns spraying the audience, costume changes, energy, fun fun fun. if you ever get a chance to see them live it is an amazing

michael jackson on the victory tour (oh yes i did wear red parachute pants and yes my friend carmin did wear one glove and a hat with her
parachute pants. i was in the 5th grade and i still remember the butterflies in my stomach)

5 concerts I’ve been to:
Pink Floyd (93)
Brooks & Dunn (92 & 95)
George Strait (95)
Kool & the Gang (96)
O.C. Supertones (99)

Explosions in the Sky
Sigur Ros
No Doubt
Flaming Lips

These are my favorite live shows thus far…