(photo: kendra)

five things im hoping for in the new year.

1. drink more water & eat more fruits and veggies
2. launch goldiestereo.com
3. take a photography class & learn photoshop
4. spend more time writing
5. that my brother serving in iraq stays safe and comes home

1. a worthwhile president for our great country
2. a healthier lifestyle for me and my family
3. an end to the writer’s strike (please Lord?)
4. to be at peace with who I am
5. a better understanding of the God who loves me

my five are:
1. Write a new album.
2. Take my national exam for counseling… maybe.
3. Open for a decent headlining tour.
4. Go back to Kenya.
5. Adopt siblings.

1. peace
2. quick after baby weight loss
3. some consistancy/ stability
4. the ability to handle 3 little ones.
5. one of my husbands bands to “blow up”

*to increase my bible study
*to do something creative every day
*to celebrate my 10th anniversary
*to read the whole Laura Ingalls set to my kids
*to visit my best college friend

1. take dance class once a week
2. do something more with my photography
3. do something creative with the kids 3 times a week
4. join a small group at my church
5. eat healthier, drink healthier