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so i love music but i am not a real “mama” yet due to the fact that i have no children. however, my husband and i have decided that someday (whenever that is) that we do have some little kiddies of our own…they must watch yo gabba gabba. it’s on nick jr and it’s just so fun, funny, cute, random and colorful and musical. i love that the host is dj lance and the old school jambox. i know there’s alot of real mama’s here… your kids love it or what?


U2 3D is now showing at select theatres around the country, the first live action 3-D concert movie experience. Im actually very interested in hearing how people respond to the movie, so if you happen to see it, let us know what you think. You can read more about the film here, at the official website.


(photo: Andrea)

We love friday fives around here, but this week we decided to do something different. just for a week, to take a break from the regular routine. so we posed this question: what one place (other than at home with your family) would you like to be right now? or, what place in the world would you most like to go to right this very moment?

zabs~Where would I like to be!
At the Ritz Carlton in a huge suite in the Cayman islands or somewhere comparable! Comfort, sun, white sand, clear water, WARMTH! on the contrast…. Vail with a babysitter to watch my children during the day wouldn’t be bad either 🙂

kendra~somewhere alone, in bed, sleeping on the coziest sheets in the world. (the kids are sick this week and i’d love to sleep alllll day!)

andrea~if I could be any other place in the world right now (other than at home cozy on the couch with my sweet family) it would have to be italy. more specifically, the amalfi coast. ah, turquoise waters and picturesque little villages. I dream of it daily.

meridith~traveling. i love to travel so much. i love airports. hotel rooms with maid service, clean towels every day and little soaps. changing scenery on a daily basis, seeing new things, breathing new air, smelling new smells, tasting new foods, meeting strangers, hearing something i’ve never heard before. i love it all. if i could be anywhere else i’d be traveling with my husband with our suitcases, notebooks and cameras. capturing stories in words and film. maybe chicago or london or new york, maybe some exotic tropical location. i’d trade jobs with anthony bourdain.

oh i remember this one….classic sesame street, “the Subway.”

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


(photo: kendra)

five things im hoping for in the new year.

1. drink more water & eat more fruits and veggies
2. launch
3. take a photography class & learn photoshop
4. spend more time writing
5. that my brother serving in iraq stays safe and comes home

1. a worthwhile president for our great country
2. a healthier lifestyle for me and my family
3. an end to the writer’s strike (please Lord?)
4. to be at peace with who I am
5. a better understanding of the God who loves me

my five are:
1. Write a new album.
2. Take my national exam for counseling… maybe.
3. Open for a decent headlining tour.
4. Go back to Kenya.
5. Adopt siblings.

1. peace
2. quick after baby weight loss
3. some consistancy/ stability
4. the ability to handle 3 little ones.
5. one of my husbands bands to “blow up”

*to increase my bible study
*to do something creative every day
*to celebrate my 10th anniversary
*to read the whole Laura Ingalls set to my kids
*to visit my best college friend

1. take dance class once a week
2. do something more with my photography
3. do something creative with the kids 3 times a week
4. join a small group at my church
5. eat healthier, drink healthier


…which can only mean tomorrow it’s a date.  friday fives.

(Blake Lewis “You Give Love a Bad Name”) 

Tonight brings the return of tv’s most watched television show, American Idol, and i have to say it couldnt have come at a better time. My husband and I (and what appears to be the rest of the country) are dying for something new to watch and with the writer’s strike nowhere near ending, we’ll take it. The question is, will you be watching too?

to get your feet a movin. happy monday courtesy of the always amazing, D’angelo.


(photo: dust)

Hi friends, it’s that time again. This week we are talking about our favorite soundtracks, and let me tell you, I’ve never seen anyone turn their lists in quicker than they did this week. It was like they’d been waiting for months for this topic to come up. So here we go, Five Favorite Soundtracks:

The Commitments
The Wedding Singer
Dirty Dancing
Napoleon Dynamite

out of sight
royal tenenbaums (tough to narrow here– bottlerocket and rushmore are equally fantastic. mark mothersbaugh is a genius)

“Some Kind of Wonderful”
“Pretty in Pink”
“Say Anything”
**That is all I can think of. Apparently my brain is stuck in the 80s at the moment.

Out of Sight
Almost Famous