Friday fives for the holiday season? songs that soothe the soul.

“silent night”-during the holidays, when everything gets so crazy, hearing this song makes me remember why we celebrate the season.
“mighigan”-the entire album, by sufjan stevens. it is so peaceful.
“san andreas fault” -natalie merchant
one of my old friends once made me a mix tape called ‘the night mix”, the rule is you could only listen to it at night. this song was on there and it’s so soothing.
“by your side” – sade
i really love the whole “lover’s rock” album for many reasons but this song is one of my favorites.
“moments in love” – the art of noise
if you don’t recognize the name you’ll probably recognize it if you listen to it. it’s such a good song.

you’ve go the music in you- new radicals.
all songs on elliot smith XO
hold on- wilson phillips (don’t laugh)
shawn mcdonald
the glorious unseen- listened to to make me fall asleep when i had the stomache flu. it even relaxed my stomache!

“we have a map of the piano” by müm
“umi says” by mos def
“the predatory wasp of the palisades is out to get us” by sufjan stevens (currently my favorite song)
“the trapeze swinger” by iron and wine
“concrete sky” (acoustic version) by beth orton

and a bonus round, because I can’t stop, won’t stop:
“come thou fount of every blessing” sufjan steven’s version
“pink moon” by nick drake
“undertaker” by m. ward
“those to come” by the shins
“crayon” by manitoba