we are a day late, but we are here with our latest Friday Fives! In recognition of the great Thanksgiving holiday we are giving thanks for music/songs that we love to hear. And a Happy Thanksgiving to you.


music I am thankful for:
old school hip hop (without it I would wither away into nothing)
songs that make me cry (because sometimes I really need to)
old hymns (ground me like nothing else can)
music that inspires moving and dancing (from vintage michael jackson to thelonius monk to punk rock to african drumming to yo la tengo– I hear it and can do nothing else but move and/or dance)
lullabies (to sing my children to sleep, there is nothing like it in all of the world)


5 songs that make me feel thankful:
hymn – great is thy faithfulness
another hymn – ’tis so sweet to trust in Jesus
and another one – blessed assurance
sufjan stevens – to be alone with you
sixpence none the richer – trust


music I am thankful for:
Mars ILL, Deepspace 5, and any other project my husband works on (his music pays the bills, and is pretty inspiring to me.)
old hymns and worship music (to be reminded of my human-ness and what God has done for us.)
instrumentals (because letting the music speak for itself is often times more powerful than words)
Christmas music (I cant help it, Im a big fan of it!)
Rock music (I cant help it, Im a big fan of it!)


Genres Of Music I’m Thankful For:
1. 80s Butt Rock – If this never existed, we would have never had the movie Spinal Tap.
2. Emo – In all seriousness, the lyrics in lots of these songs were a great avenue for helping my high school students when I was a therapist.
3. Christmas Music – It just feels good.
4. Modern Instrumental – It moves me.
5. Talk Music – It pays my bills, is my life, and I love it.