VH1 is reporting here that Led Zeppelin could possibly be reuniting next year for a major tour with none other than The Cult. Ian Astbury, lead singer of the late 80’s/early 90’s hard rock group, apparently hinted at a recent concert in Cincinnati that they would be opening for the legends. I have to say, as a fan of The Cult (what rocker didnt love “Fire Woman” or “Edie (Ciao Baby)” in the late 80’s?) and a lover of Led Zeppelin, I cannot imagine what these tickets would go for. Could we possibly have the chance to see these guys live, one more time?

While both camps are denying that any decisions have been made, and the reunion show that Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones will be doing December 10th is supposed to be just a one time gig, AND Robert Plant has recently been quoted as saying nothing is in the works….VH1 quotes Jimmy Page as saying in Guitar World Magazine, “It’s a bit selfish to do just one show. If that’s it, we probably shouldn’t have taken the genie out of the bottle.”

Could it be??? Could the greatest rock band of ALL TIME be reuniting for a tour???