What does that mean? You mean I could actually own a song written by Sufjan Stevens? You’re telling me that Sufjan is going to give one very fortunate individual one of his beautiful treasures of a song as a Christmas gift? A song to keep in a little box all for my lonesome or give as a gift to the world? What? I could sell the song or press it on vinyl? Seriously though……you are saying I could actually SELL the rights to the song for use in a movie or something else? You gotta be kidding me. Where’s the catch? Is this a joke?

If Asthmatic Kitty says it’s so, it must be so. Sufjan’s label is conducting one of the coolest contests I’ve ever heard of. All you have to do to enter is write your own original Christmas song and send it to the label, then they pick a winner. Get out your pad and pencil, dust off your keyboard or Garage Band and get to work!