In 2006, my husband and I attended Austin City Limits music festival. There were two reasons for us going to this festival… The Flaming Lips and Explosions In The Sky.

I was introduced to Explosions In The Sky a few years prior, and became an instant fan. In case you are not familiar with their music, they are the band that did the soundtrack for the movie, Friday Night Lights. For me, listening to them is like riding an emotional rollercoaster… and I love rollercoasters!

At ACL, I, of course, maneuvered my way to the very front row, and then waited. I waited through a myriad of bands that I had no interest in seeing. I fought off hundreds of kids who were all jockeying for my amazing position on the front row. I became dehydrated during my wait, and was thankful for the musician who threw me his water bottle from the stage when his set was complete. All this just to see the band I had grown to love.

When Explosions finally took the stage, there was a sea of fans behind me. It looked as if the entire festival had made its way over to their stage, but I made sure none of them crept into my front and center zone. The second the music began so did my rollercoaster ride. My face got hot and flushed like when you try to fight back tears. As the first song progressed, and the orchestral pallet of sounds emanated my ears, I couldn’t hold them back anymore. I cried. Not out of sadness, or even happiness. I cried out of inspirational emotion. The entire set moved me in a way that I had never felt through music. It was an experience.

Since then, I began touring full time, playing bass guitar. My Explosion In The Sky experience is something that I desire for others. They inspire me to be better, to play with emotion, to make people feel. This is the best example I have of how music inspires me.