Hello friends and fellow music fans! This week we we’re taking a look at “bands you think you could be best friends with if only they’d let you talk to them.” The ultimate fan goal, to befriend one of their favorite artists. Join us this week and let us know who’s on your BFF list!


1. lifehouse
2. the fray
3. in middleschool- debbie gibson
4. in middle school- New Kids ON the Block
5. current- goo goo dolls

oh, in jr. high there were so many! nowadays, maybe just a few…

1. new kids on the block
unfortunately in my jr high mind i just knew one of these guys would like me if i could only meet them! i wasnt a freak about them, but did see them live…(gulp) twice.
2. U2
not so much now, but I had a friend who worked with Bono for a short time a few years ago and I had hoped to meet him (and then keep in touch, ya know, exchange numbers and be invited to all the great shows…
3. the Go-Go’s
I was in 5th grade when I first heard their music, and had I been in high school I might have done everything possible to actually meet these girls. As a 5th grader I knew I had no chance of anything except owning the cassette.
4. Gwen Stefani
I just think she is such a cool girl. I really love her style and how she owns who she is. It would be really fun to get to know her. But there is a different music mama who loves her much more than I, so I would have to give her first dibs if the opportunity arose.
5. Blake Lewis
ya know, the guy from American Idol. I dont think we could be BFF, but I think he and my husband have some mutual friends and they share a passion for hip-hop. I loved his version of “You Give Love a Bad Name” and would love to sit down and chat with him sometime.

1. Waterdeep:
Their songs touch my soul and they are so down to earth I KNOW we would connect:)
2. Danielson Family w/ Sufjan Stevens
After watching the danielson family movie i have become completely enamored with these guys. Jesus shines through them, even in their infinite weirdness, and I love it!!!
3. Simon & Garfunkel
I’d just like to sit in their house and listen to them sing all the time…wouldn’t you?
4. Kanye West
I have a thing for Kanye…I think we should be friends, I think he is searching for Jesus…this touches my heart
5. No Doubt
I always followed the drama in their band and thought it would be fun to be Gwen Stefani. I don’t know if this is the same as being their best friend, but I think it would be fun to be on the road with a band full of guys….that’s why I always like Five Iron Frenzy too:)

Bands I could be friends with, if…

1. No Doubt – This band was such a huge part of my life. I supported every album they threw out, even the ones before Tragic Kingdom and the ones after Return To Saturn!! I was always so in awe of the way they were such great friends, and seemed to have so much fun. I’ve even had dreams that Gwen and I were friends just hanging out in her living room watching TV… I know, a bit weird.

2. Oasis – I can see myself being friends with both these brothers who hate each other. I would be the go-between person, and everyone would love me because I was able to facilitate them making another album together without killing each other.

3. System Of A Down – I’m not sure I have a good explanation for this one, but their passion that comes through their lyrics makes me want to have conversations with this band. Not just interview type conversations, but real, hang out, do lunch, grab coffee, go shopping
together type of conversations.

4. Simon & Garfunkel – We would laugh about how much times have changed. They would tell me stories about how parents thought they were straight from the devil, and I would update them on the type of devilish stuff kids listen to now.

5. Wilco – They’re just cool.

“bands you think you could be BFF with if only they’d talk to you.”

i have been thinking hard about this. REALLY hard. there was one band
that i was a very big fan of and through my work i actually DID get to
meet them and become friends with them and ride around the country on
a tour bus with them and they were even more cool and fun than i had
imagined. that band was five iron frenzy. i can remember listening to
the lyrics and feeling like someone had taken thoughts out of my head
and put them into words. getting to be friends with the people of that
band was one of the most cool experiences i have known.

i guess in a wishful way i always thought i could be friends with matt
slocum of sixpence none the richer and mark solomon of stavesacre.
however, i also think it was because i had huge “fan” crushes on both
of them but also because again their lyrics to certain songs amazed me
so much. i can’t tell you how many times i have listened to albums
from both these artists….over….and…over. pouring over every word
and trying to imagine what they were thinking when they wrote them.

ok, so that’s three. hmmmmm. the beastie boys should probably go on
this list. yeah, i had some pretty vivid jr high day dreams about
hanging out with them.

i can’t really think of another band. i mean, sure i would love to
hang out with stevie wonder or paul mccartney or billy joel or of
montreal or hall & oats or lauryn hill. but i don’t
know……..hmmm….i guess i have to make a big confession. one that
is more fitting for a site that would be called i want
to be friends with wes anderson, owen wilson and luke wilson. i do. i
really think we could hang out and laugh and have fun.