Spotlight: Pause Magazine
by Kristen


Chris and Nic Bergman are a newly married couple who just got their first dog, Rooke. They live in a cute little house in Cincinnati, OH, and have hearts for artists of all kinds. My band and I recently stayed at their house for a few days, where I was able to get a better insight into the magazine they started together.

Pause Magazine began in July 2007. The basic premise of the magazine is art of many kinds. Chris and Nic describe their desire for Pause as, “…wanting to spotlight the things that they like…the simplest idea ever.” Their faith in Christ is something that shows, even though they make note that, “We are not ‘churchy’ and feel uncomfortable with current church culture.” Chris feels that, “Other magazines that rhyme with the word ‘elephant’ just target a certain audience.” The Bergmans want Pause to capture people from all walks of life, and introduce them to the amazing artists that Chris and Nic find interesting. “Many people don’t know about great bands because they are only in church culture,” claims Chris, “Or, they don’t give a band a chance if there is a hint of ‘Christian’ undertones because they hate church culture.” There are many distinguished artists in between those two spectrums, and Pause Magazines aims to spotlight them.

The current issue of Pause Magazine is graced with the presence of Norma Jean on the cover. This is quite the cover for a magazine that is only entertaining its second issue, but goes to prove the significance, legitimacy, and aspiration of Pause as a major contender in art culture. The next issue will be an issue on art other than music, and will spotlight graffiti artists, Scribe and Jason Brunson. The third issue will also include Carson Ellis from the Decemberists.

To check out Pause Magazine, go to You can subscribe online, download full issues, or pick up a print version of Pause at local indie record stores and venues in Cincinnati.