(photo: Andrea)

So this week we tackled breakup/heartbreak songs, and it was tough! The task was to pick 5 songs that we actually could relate to in some way, not just the 5 most popular songs we had heard over and over again on the radio. So here are our picks for “5 greatest breakup/heartbreak songs”:

1. I Cant Make You Love Me – Bonnie Raitt
2. Landslide – Stevie Nicks
3. Nothing Compares to You – Sinead O’Conner (I know, very played out. But i still feel like this is an amazing representation of what heartbreak is all about.)
4. Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd
5. Stay – Lisa Loeb (this song was popular when Nate, my husband, broke up with me after dating for 2 1/2 years.)
I love each of these songs for different reasons. They each take me right back to that place of heartbreak when I hear them. Some of the heartbreak is from circumstances not so much boy/girl stuff, but the heart was breaking!

1. Everything I Do – Bryan Adams
I remember listening to this song in Junior High, and being so heartbroken because Bobby didn’t have a clue I had a crush on him. I
wanted nothing more than for him to figure it out on his own, and then sweep me off my feet. This fantasy was imagined over and over again
while listening to this ridiculous song.

2. I’ll Be Loving You Forever – New Kids On The Block
Junior High summer camp. Big crush on Brian. This song played at the pool every day at camp. Need I say more?
3. More Than Words – Extreme
Again… Junior High… Fantasy love life…
4. You’re The Inspiration – Chicago
I listened to Chicago a lot during my first real relationship. Yea, Chicago.
5. You Will Be My Music – Listener
Dan wrote this song for me years ago. I love it.

1. earth, wind & fire – “after the love is gone”
2. sixpence none the richer – “easy to ignore”
3. paul mccartney & wings – “maybe i’m amazed”
4. madonna – “crazy for you”
5. gloria gaynor – “i will survive”
phil collins – “against all odds”

the first two are songs i listened and cried with to help me get through two different heart aches. the words so thoroughly expressed
my pain. the second two are songs that i can barely stand to listen to without going back to a specific moment in time when my heart was
broken and feeling that anguish all over again. the madonna song takes me back to the 8th grade dance and all the silly drama of a jr high
crush. “maybe i’m amazed” is one of my all time favorite songs and i love paul mccartney so much that it kills me to have that song so tied
up with certain memories but i guess it just makes me love for it that much deeper somehow. and yes….i have to admit…..as cheesy as it
sounds that i did sing “i will survive” at one point out loud in my living room and yes…yes..it did help in some weird way to get my
head out from under a certain cloud.

the last song, “against all odds”, is a bonus because it doesn’t neccessarily have personal meaning for me but i think the words are perfectly written for a break up. when i found out phil collins wrote it fresh from a divorce he didn’t want to happen it just breaks my heart a little bit more.