Listener Project preparing to do a set (Kristen on the left)


We hear about it all the time on tv, read about it in the magazines, and run across the booths at music festivals. Musicians and their charity work has become something to expect. I admit, the thought of supporting a charity didn’t cross my mind initially because of my awesomely unselfish heart. No, the thought came to me because I saw other bands doing it while on tour. It wasn’t until I began to research different organizations that my reason for wanting a charity to support became more about my own heart, and less about doing what everyone else is doing.

After spending hours scrolling through massive amounts of websites after googling the words, “charity organizations,” I landed on Covenant House ( Covenant House International is the largest privately-funded agency in the Americas providing shelter and other services to homeless, runaway and throwaway youth. Perfect. Coming from a background in psychology, and having quite the soft spot for troubled youth, Covenant House has become my focus.

“Give Change ‡ Make Change” is my band’s (Listener Project) campaign slogan to raise support for Covenant House. The idea is that it is easier to ask people to give the loose change that is in their pockets, than it is to just give money. Now, at every show, we have a large glass jar with the Covenant House logo on it, asking everyone to give change to make change.

As I have done more and more research on organizations such as this one, I have come to realize the life lessons and benefits that come from supporting good causes. It is something that teaches and reminds us that God’s world is much bigger than we are capable of imagining. The only way we can attempt to get close, is by imagining with our hearts for others. I want to encourage anyone and everyone to do a bit of research, get your families involved, teach your kids, and stretch yourself. Find a cause that fits your own hearts and minds. Support, in your own way. Make it yours, and then share it with others.

Here is a list of some of the causes I came across while doing my own research:

1. The National Christian Foundation
4. Conservation International
5. City of Hope and Affiliates
6. American Red Cross
7. Mayo Clinic
8. Hadassah, The Women’s Zionist Organization of America
9. Save the Children
10. International Rescue Committee