photo: Dust


I want to introduce you to a new site that I love. It’s and it happens to belong to my husband, producer/DJ Dust. The site was meticulously built to give the viewer the full experience of what he does musically and artistically.

Be sure to check out the “current projects” page which provides audio tracks of his work with Mars ILL and Deepspace 5, and collaborations with artists like Sev Statik and Poems (seen recently in the artist spotlight). You can also take a listen to the music he’s done for each artist on the little audio player located at the bottom left corner of each project page. And if you’re an artist looking for a place to record, click that link on the Dust page to Mother of Invention Studio to get a peek at where the work was done. The MoI site also features his work as a music video producer, package designer, and music engineer.

His newest release “Back to Dust” with Sev Statik is now available in the dustbrand store, and was selected as one of the Rawkus 50. He and Manchild of Mars ILL will be doing a show this Saturday, Nov 3rd in Charlotte. See for details.