It started with the beach boys. My father, ever the die hard band, made sure his daughter’s first concert included them. Every show was met with the anticipation that Brian Wilson, the legend himself, may actually show.

As a child, once a year (at least) we would make our way south to Florida. I have never been one to sleep during travel so my father and I would sit up front. I became his little “navigator”. We would listen to music and he would tell me all about the beach boys and Brian Wilson. I got hooked.

From there I moved onto Madonna’s Like a Virgin, (with no earthly clue what a virgin was!), The GoGo’s, Bengals, Aha, Wham, Depeche Mode, and the Cure. At a young age I knew how important the words, “I want my Mtv” were and how they would change a generation. May a little for the better and worse. Back then Mtv still played music videos, it mystified me.

Soon the new Wave 80s turned into my jr. high years where big bangs still got sprayed but boy bands (for me) were the rage. No one could top Joey MacIntyre from New Kids On The Block for me. I went to 2 concerts and wept at each. I know, embarrassing, but at that age it FELT SO REAL!

I also had a touch of glam metal in my blood. Styper, Def Leopard, Bon Jovi, GNR, Aerosmith. “Janie had a gun”, and boy did I want to go down to “paradise city” (even though I had no clue what that was either!). I felt very “Welcome in the Jungle”, and believed them when they swore “I’ll be there for you.”

When my influential brother went to college I felt free to leave the metal era and submerged myself into both the pop and grunge of the 90s, with a touch of Rap. Pearl Jam, Nirvana, DC talk (which also was present for me in the late 80s.), the Cranberries, “I saw the signs” and it opened up my eyes to “teen spirit” but it “didn’t have to linger” because I was a “Jesus Freak”.

College came around with Sarah Mclachlan, Sheryl Crow, Indigo Girls, Six Pence, GIRL ROCK! Their “Love was better than ice cream”, as we dreamed that he would just “kiss me, and that he was “strong enough to be my man,” Yeah we were strong, and we needed strong men if they were going to step near us. College was about empowerment.

Post College I loved anything that I considered good. I found myself immersed in the Music Industry myself. Tour busses, band merchandise, catering (what they call dinner on the road), awkward situations and automobile break downs. Getting lost, VIPs, Memories I will have forever.

The pinnacle? In 2000 my friend Crize took me to see Brian Wilson on the Pet Sounds tour. I was finally going to see the ledged. My heart RACED as we left our car to walk toward the venue. And there he was, about to pass me on the sidewalk. The one musician that still turned me into a complete fan. I had to say Hi… and I did. Like a teeny-bopper that just was dumbstruck I lifted my hand and quietly said Hi with my mouth wide-open. He said Hi back. I met the legend- before my dad did.